Self Employed – August 2017 - Current

After returning from a year volunteering I set out in an unknown direction not really knowing exactly where I was heading or what I would find. What I did know was I wanted the feeling of freedom that I experienced whilst away to not become a moment in my life/career. Since August 2017 I have been fortunate to work/collaborate with a wide range of people. The experiences and knowledge I have gained/gaining have been captured through the images and sketches on this website.

Re-Format Architecture and Design – Re-Format, Hampshire - December 2013 - August 2016

Following my qualification as an Architect I continued to work with the team at Re-Format cementing my newly found knowledge and taking on the role and responsibilities of a project Architect. Post qualifying I was immediately given my own project to run a 3.5 million pound school extension for Hampshire County Council. The 2.5 years I spent at Re-Format post qualification were invaluable and ensured that my design lead education was reinforced with a solid practical experience. 


Part II Placement – Re-Format, Hampshire - July 2012 - December 2013 

Re-Format are a design lead practice that specialise in high quality architecture, graphic design and construction consultancy services. My time at Re-Format coincided with my Part III training, the combination of practice experience and theory undoubtedly helped to teach me the core skills needed to be an architect. I worked on a variety of projects  covering all of the RIBA Stages, which gave me the necessary skills and information to successfully complete my part III studies. 


Project Office University Portsmouth - 2010 - 2012

Working with the project office allowed me to continue to learn about the professional side of architecture whilst I completed my Diploma. I worked closely with tutors, architectural practices and clients on a number of projects. The work included a public exhibition in Havant, a charette day with Portsmouth College and producing a series of graphics for the new development of Portsmouth University School of Architecture. 


Supervisor at The Hiker Café 

As part time work during my education I worked at a successful bistro in Bournemouth. My position required me to supervise 15 young adults and to deal directly with customers and product manufacturers. I returned to the cafe in March 2017 for a short time before heading to Norway. The cafe will always be a memorable place it was my first job and taught me valuable skills such as respect, trust and teamwork all of which I use regularly in my day to day life.


Student Mentor at Portsmouth University

Working closely with a number of students within the University to help with design and presentation related issues.



Litloy Fyr: Lighthouse Restoration Project - Norway - May 2017 - August 2017

At the beginning of May I joined the small team on the Island Litloya in northern Norway. My role was to help restore the lighthouse that had been in use since 1912. The lighthouse had unfortunately fallen victim to rust and was in very bad condition. During my time I helped to remove much of the rust on the top section of lighthouse in preparation for a new set of windows to be fitted I also tried to utilise my skills as an architect to help organise the project identifying key details and establishing a programme of work. My time on the island was a unique experience that taught me much about myself and the things I value most in life.


All Hands Volunteers: Disaster Relief - Non-Profit Organisation - Nepal - August 2016 - January 2017

Through out my education I always had a strong desire to work with an NGO and help others less fortunate. This opportunity was given to me by All Hands in August 2016 and saw me travel to Nepal to help re-build a school within a small community in Nuwakot, working alongside local masons and 50 other volunteers. 

During the 4 months I spent in Nepal I learnt a number of new skills working on all aspects of the build these included timber formwork, masonry, concrete and demolition. I was entrusted and assumed the role of Team Leader, which involved leading other volunteers and communicating with the local masons on various aspects of the construction. My time with All Hands was challenging, rewarding and humbling. I would like to further develop these skills as I move forward in my career giving me a more rounded understanding of the construction industry.


Interests / Challenges 

My architectural interest lies within the landscape and context that we design. The work of architects Jörn Utzon and the stories of Richard Leplastrier have inspired me to pursue not only a type of architecture but also a way of life.

I enjoy playing a number of sports including; football, tennis, golf and cycling having recently completed a charity bike ride covering 250 miles in 2 days helping to raise over £25,000. Another big challenge that I organised a team for was the Oxfam 100km charity walk over the south downs a 24hour test of physical and mental stamina. I enjoy the challenge of new experiences and the lessons they teach. 


Travels / Journeys 

I travel whenever I can and enjoy the spirit of adventure and freedom when doing so. It has allowed me to interact with a variety of people and deal with challenging experiences. I have seen a large amount of Africa and Europe with the aim of exploring the remaining continents in the coming years. My latest journey took me to Nepal where I volunteered but I also got the opportunity to trek around the Himalayas. Each of my journeys resonates within all I accomplish and design. 



Final Examination in Professional Practice (Part III) Award: Merit

2012 - 2013 - Portsmouth School of Architecture


Portsmouth School of Architecture Postgraduate Dip. Arch Award: Distinction

2010 – 2012 - Portsmouth School of Architecture


During my Diploma I studied within the ‘Emergent Studio’, whose ethos is to challenge the world through an understanding of the phenomenological. My thesis title; Gathering Around Light was founded on a journey through Africa where I first experienced the power of light. What I found in Africa was a profound dignity and humility in the people who still depended on fire and the hearth. The firelight illuminated a truth and exposed a culture that dwelled in sympathy with their environment. These experiences resonated within, and lead me to ask the question; can the celebration of the qualitative nature of light in architecture evoke a more profound sense of place? The aim was to look beyond the source of light and instead react to the light’s qualitative nature.


BA (Hons) Award: Upper Second Class Division (2:1)

2005 - 2008 - Portsmouth School of Architecture